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  Welcome to Transformative Wisdom!
I am Jenny Cohn, MAIS, CAC, and I am here to guide you in exploring the innermost parts of yourself and your soul. I offer a variety of services and tools that encourage growth and self realization, including Individual & Couples Life Coaching and Counseling, Spiritual Counseling, Archetypal Counseling, and Numerology services. Each of these is intended to help you explore the deeper aspects of your being, allowing you to identify your strengths, and move through the obstacles and challenges you face as you become a more compassionate, loving being. These occurrences, called Dark Nights of the Soul by Thomas Moore, are meant to allow you time for transformative change. My job, as your guide, is to walk through these encounters with you.

My story: My spiritual journey began many years ago, following a difficult divorce. This was very much a life-altering event for me; it caused me to seek counseling to discover why I was making the choices I made at the time. With an understanding and compassionate counselor by my side, I was able to explore my shadow side. Using a variety of spiritual tools, reading books by well-known spiritual leaders, gaining knowledge through my master's education and my experience working with the elderly, I did my own inner work, and identified areas within myself that needed healing.

I discovered that my intuitive sense is strong; when I allowed myself to be completely open, I found that I was able to help others understand hidden aspects of themselves as well. I found that this kind of service brought incredible peace and personal happiness.

I have dedicated my life to living from the perspective of love, facing my fears and refusing to allow them to rule my life course. I practice what I preach; unconditional love and acceptance. I await you now! Allow me to channel the love I feel and receive from our Divine Source to encourage your healing, your discovery of self, and your transformation to deeply compassionate, loving, light-filled beings!

It is said that we are not physical beings having a spiritual experience, but rather spiritual beings having a physical encounter. We all made the choice to come into these human bodies and as such, made agreements (referred to by Caroline Myss as Sacred Contracts) to learn the lessons of these agreements while we are here on this planet. Each event we live through is meant to allow us the time to make choices, learning in the process to live through unconditional love or live through our self imposed fears: Is it not time to let go of your fear and live through the lens of love? I can assist you in this progression of discovering and uncovering the deeply rooted love that resides within you… the love we all hold as *sparks* of The Divine.


Jenny Cohn
Masters Degree in Spiritual Traditions & Ethics,
Certified Archetype Counselor,
Numerology Expert